Redexim Charterhouse 1575 Overseeder
Information about the machine:
Feature Benefit

  • Working speed 9 mph (14.5 km/h) Reseed a complete football field in four directions in less than 2 hours - saving time
  • Large hopper: 1575 - 8.8 cu ft 

  • Working width: 1575 - 60" (1.5m)

  • Each seed planted individually Seed is planted in the ground and not affected by wind - increased germination

  • Twin discs Follow undulations in the ground without missing. No bare areas when the seed grows through

  • Water filled roller Reseed during the playing season

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Charterhouse Overseeder

The OverSeeder has been completely redesigned, making it the fastest, most versatile and efficient version to date. With its innovative unequal disc slitting system, the OverSeeder actually plants the seed firmly in the ground, providing outstanding seed to soil contact and providing unmatched germination.
Boasting a tight spacing under 3 inches, each seed coulter is individually suspended and accurately follows the terrain. The new seed box on the 1575 utilizes a proven roller design allowing the machine an infinite range of feed rates with all seed types, from the very large to the very smallest bentgrass seed. With working speed up to 9 miles per hour, the new OverSeeder is capable of re-seeding a football field or golf course fairway in minutes.
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